Ticketing & Registration

Efficient Ticketing & Registration Solution

Support your event management and deliver the best event experience possible to all.

Ticketing Features

Online Booking: Set the dates and times of your event via our scheduling system to accommodate the best choice for your goers.

Real-time Seating: Customize your seating charts with various ranges of price bases. Present your goers actual seating and price options.

Showtimes: Create flexible choice experiences by
managing dates and times of your event’s showtimes with us.

Effective Ticketing Solutions

Ticketing Service

Enhance productivity with simple setups and customizable event page editor.

Organizer Dashboard

Transparent your event performance and real-time insight of sales and on-site traffic.

Marketing Tools

Strengthen communication between organizers and goers.

Bring Your Event To Live

User-Friendly Interface: Create your own event page with simple yet sophisticated user experience.

Customizable For Brands: Design your event page to meet your own branding and marketing concept.

Perfect on all Devices: Available perfectly on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.

Eventpop Ticketing Dashboard

Manage Your Event Effectively with Insights

  • Estimate your event performance with a real-time sales report
  • Approach your most enthusiastic goers with demographic data
  • Get to know your goers’ most convenient payment channels
  • Easily manage finances with exportable financial and report data

Reach Targets with Marketing Tools

Post Updates

  • Build relationships between event organizers and potential goers
  • Notify your goers the latest information to keep them up-to-date on the event

SEO & Analytics

  • Setup meta keywords to increase the visibility of your event on Google and Facebook

Affiliate Tools

  • Generate affiliate codes and links to rise your revenue
  • Exportable the affiliate data for your further business benefits

Create the best choice
for your event