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SPARK brings convenience and security to payment activities from management to operation levels.

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Eventpop offers event organizers the best innovation solutions with data and insights from a real-time dashboard that is able to run smoothly with zero downtime. On top of that, your attendees will experience safe and secure at-event payment that is easier than ever.

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4 Layers of Security

Apart from effective transactions and data collection, our cashless payment system is safeguarded by 4 layers of security. Certainly, the database of event organizers are prevented from unauthorized access and unwanted action.

Dashboard Report

A real-time useful overview data for analytics.

Activity summaries are provided to help visualize and gain valuable insights from statistics with transparency. Moreover, the data collections are able to be filtered by different key metrics, including reports of check-in, sales performance, etc. 

In addition, event organizers are able to export the reports for further analytics.
SPARK real-time dashboard

Custom SPARK for your branding

Your cashless payment tools are able to be customized by our Product Printing Service which help increase visibility of your branding opportunities

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