Smooth and secure cashless event

Level up your event experience with cashless payment system.

The seamless experience with zero downtime

Convenience: Solution for on-site management 

Connection: Secure network both online and offline mode function

Digital Dashboard: Purposeful features and access control with insight data

sell more save even more


4 Layers of Security

Secured and temper-proof

  • Data Encryption
  • Non Central Key Decryption
  • Client Authentication
  • Tamper Protection

Real-time Analytics

Live Dashboard with meaningful data

  • Optimize access control
  • Manage flow of crowd
  • Monitor best-selling items

SPARK and Go!

NFC Wristband

Customizable wristband with your event’s branding


Great cash management experience for organizers and goers

Let's get SPARK

Create immersive experience for your event