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No matter what type of event you are hosting, Eventpop helps you create endless possibilities of design customization that enhance your brands.  Above all, we custom your event equipment needs in the form of cards, wristbands, badges & lanyards, etc. Discover the power of custom production and elevate your event experience for event goers with us!

Ticket Card Production

Ticket Card


Badge & Lanyard

Customizable Card Design

Physical tickets and Spark cards are able to be customized with specific materials and surface textures of PVC, hard paper, or paper. Apart from that, we provide quality label printing that represents your branding and the theme concept of your events.

Mix & Match Wristband materials

Assemble uniqueness into your impressive events by customizing wristbands from our various quality materials. From tags to bands, we allow you to customize each element. Moreover, we are able to print your design label on any material of your choice.

Functional badge &
lanyard elements

Professional badges is worth investing in. It not only benefits role identification at an event but also assists your business or brand, especially at conferences, seminars and trade shows. Furthermore, we help you match your branding badge design with a variety of materials and quality printing on lanyards and stickers.

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